What is Max Power?

Max Power is an indie action-comedy tracing the epic battle between secret agent, Max Power, and the evil Mad Scientist. It plays across 4 continents and dance floors in a fast-paced romp, as Max Power tries to foil the Mad Scientist’s plans. Think an edgier Austin Powers. More "Clerks" humor than camp.

What is The Max Power Soundtrack?

In mid October 2007 six indie bands were asked to pitch songs for the Max Power Soundtrack. Out of the six we were luckly enough to be asked to do the whole soundtrack.

Is the "Max Power" Soundtrack any good?

Yes it is. We beat out 5 other bands to win the rights to record the soundtrack and a major US production company was prepared to pay us a large amount of money for our songs. It is the most mainstream and best best produced CD we have ever done.
It took us ages for us to negotiate to allow us to release it. They were very keen to keep it for when, really if, the movie comes out. They really liked it.

When is the movie coming out?

At this moment production of the movie is delayed indefinatly. Officially "the writers strike closed the window of opportunity for the development of The Max Power Movie". Realistically with the Mike Myers's "Love Guru" and the "Get Smart" movie both coming out in June it was probably hard to justify another movie that was in a similar style and with simliar pacing.

What are you going to do with the Soundtrack then?

Well we've negotiated to be able to release the soundtrack so that our hard work didn't sit in a vault for 12 months.
The proceeeds from every CD or mp3 you buy will go straight into finacing the next zwish CD, "zwish who?". We are stepping up even further, recording it one of the best studios, getting it professionally pressed and using professional promotion. With a budget of $11,000 it is going to be quite the production. We also need to sell a few CDs to cover it.

Was it really called "Max Power"?

No it wasn’t. The title of the movie was classified until they were scheduled to begin production, and since that never happened, Max Power’s true identity remains a top secret. So we strapped ourselves in, felt the Gs and called it Max Power. In the interests of killing two birds with one stone, we decided to mix our metaphors and wave a red rag at a bull to see if we could get sued by The Simpsons. Lego still hasn’t taken a run at us in the wake of the Toy Boy video clip and we’re starting to feel a little rejected. Those Simpsons people will sue anything.

"zwish who?" you say but wait aren't you doing an Indie Pop CD next?

Yep even though Max Power hasn't work out so far we have been invited to pitch for the sountrack for another movie, a romantic comedy, we have been asked to write music for a crazy kids show on cable in the US, we have pitched to do the music for a new MTV reality show, along with doing the next zwish CD. We are keeping ourselves busy.

Where can we get it?

Well you can get the hard copy from our site, www.zwish.net, and go to the shop link, or click here. The first 100 hard copies are a limited edition that come with a
certificate and your name in our next CD "zwish who?"