Sexy Mofo Machine

Every hero needs a theme song. Weather it is crusing around town with the top down, grooving in the city in your best purple suit or saving the world, you need something to strut to.
This is the Max Power Theme song.

The Mad Scientist

Every hero needs a nemisis, otherwise they are just an overly intense person in a funny looking suit.
The self named Mad Scientist, or by his real name Dr. Charles Randall Allan Ezy or C.R.A.Ezy is Max Power's nemisis.
An intelligent South Korean genetisit that believes he can save the world from itself by eliminating certain genes.

She's All That

The beautiful but detacted Ms McBooty is the perfect foil for Max Power. Intelligent, powerful and always focused on the job at hand, she get Max in and out of tight places.

You Don't Know

After failing to capture and detain the Mad Scientist in Istanbul , Max Power and Ms McBooty must travel across the Thar desert in the search for Black Steel.
The indian martial art, karma sutra expert holds the key to stopping the Mad Scientist and unleashing hardness in Max Powers character.

Ass 2 Big 4 Ur Panties

Before Max Power can face the Mad Scientist and defeat him Max Power must learn from Black Steel to harness his inner karma to suit a his needs.
This music, the cheekiest number, forms the backdrop to his training montage. Yes not even Max Power can escape from a movie montage.

I Faked It For The Last Time

Hot on the trail of the Mad Scientist Max Power and Ms McBooty are drawn to a Tokyo nightspot to meet up with a contact who claims to hold vital information.
Drawn to the dance floor McBooty and Power dance closer and closer with each other, coming closer and closer to kissing but each time, wow there is nothing.


Having extracted vital information from their contact in Toyko, Max Power and McBooty head to Oska to find The Mad Scientist.
Little do they know that their every move is being tracked by the Mad Scientist.

Ur So Fine

Looking out over the coast from his sceret lair at Osaka The Mad Scientist watches as his clones hatch in the warm sea water and stride to the shore.
As the water glisnds on their toned bodies the Mad Scientist looks at his creations and is pleased.

Window Shopper

Watching Max Power being captured and tortured from the safety of her hiding spot McBooty is torn between saving Max Power and finishing her mission.
She has a flash back rembering the first time she met Max Power.


Having captured Max Power, The Mad Scientist tortures him and explains that all he wants to do is be happy. Is that to much to ask?

Saturday Is Saturday

Having defeated but not captured The Max Scientist and destroyed his lair in Oska, Max Power and McBooty settle down for cocktails and crumpets and watch another Bond movie re-run on a Saturday night.


Played over the closing credits.


Played over the closing credits.